Change of Plans

by Emmy on March 13, 2013

I posted yesterday about my plans to do the Insanity workout. I haven’t ordered anything from eBay in years, but given the cost of this workout plan I went there after looking a few other places. I checked the seller feedback and everything looked legit, so I ordered. This morning I had an e-mail from eBay saying they removed this listing and that if I hadn’t paid I didn’t have to. But, being the good buyer that I am, I had already paid so now I have to wait and see if I receive the item (doesn’t look promising) and then file a dispute. I’m not worried that I’ll lose the money, it’s just a hassle and a long wait. That will teach me not to buy from the source.

Anyway, in the mean time I need something hardcore. So, I asked my friend Becky who knows all the good workouts and she suggested Zuska Light. She’s the co-founder of BodyRock and just watching a few videos on YouTube shows that she’s no joke. I did go ahead and order the DVD’s from and Amazon seller (usually have good luck with these sellers) but she has full workouts online. I’m also going to pull out some DVD’s that I already own but have been too afraid to try.


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