First 5K Complete!

by bodybyemmy on March 16, 2013

So today was the first 5K of the season for myself and my boys. It was our first trial run and it was a muddy mess. Thankfully the rain stopped before the race and waited until we were finished to start back up. I haven’t been running or doing any regular exercise so I was expecting this to be a horrible race. Early in I felt really bad. I could not get my breathing right and felt like my lungs were going to explode. I kept telling myself to go, but it is amazing how infrequently my body listens to my head.

We had to make two laps of the course and when I came through my oldest son was already standing there. He’s fast, but he’s not that fast and I knew something was wrong. He’s getting over a cold and the mucus was too much and he got sick so he opted to hang it up but told me to keep going. I walked a lot of the second lap, but I kept one girl in my site the whole time. I wanted to beat her. I was right behind her at the finish line so I sped up and just passed her. My final time was 43 something. My fastest ever was only 39 so I didn’t think that was too bad. I’m not fast, and I walk a lot, but I do finish! My younger son finished and had a right nice time.

After returning home the UPS man knocked on my door and delivered a little Shaun T! Two friends have told me that they cried during their Insanity workouts so I’m really scared now. But it is here, and I have to give it a go! By the way, Shaun T was on Dr. Oz the other day. You can go here and check him out! 


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