Death By Shaun T

by Emmy on March 17, 2013

shaun t

Tomorrow is Day 1 of Insanity so I thought I should watch the fit test and the first workout to get an idea of what I’d be doing and for how long. It is quite evident that I’m going to die a sweaty death.

The individual moves in the first workout aren’t complicated moves. It’s just that they are done at full speed with no rest. He keeps emphasizing form over speed and I know I’m going to have to go slow to get form correct which may keep me from dying on the first day. They’re easy moves to get sloppy with if you’re not careful.

The kicker was the fit test. I will be seriously lucky to do more than a few of those god awful looking plank jacks.

The only thing keeping me from not totally freaking out about the fact that everyone in the video was sprawled out on the floor at some point is remembering watching the show Workout when they filmed her DVD and seeing how many takes they had to do. However, I know I will be sprawled out by the end. This song kept playing in my head while I was watching. I like the Spongebob version.

Insanity starts tomorrow even though I could probably sleep in because I’m 99% sure my kids will be out of school due to a random snow storm we are getting. No excuses though. Now’s the time!


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