Insanity Week 2 Day 1

by Emmy on March 25, 2013

We had yet another snow day today. I’m seriously about to come out of my skin I hate cold weather so much. I told my kids the other day that they needed to attend college somewhere warm so I could move. I REALLY wanted to stay in bed this morning. I rationalized that I could workout at any point during the day because the boys would be busy doing other things and the TV would be free. However, I don’t relish the idea of anyone watching me do this workout, even my own spawn. But, I couldn’t make myself get out of bed so about halfway through the workout my youngest came out and scared me half to death. Of course he proceeded to watch me do most of the rest of the workout and tell me how hard it looked.

I was unsuccessful at convincing him to join me (smart kid) and did the best I could to finish. I was super hungry and this is not a fun workout to do in that state. I felt a little faint most of the time. There’s also one move in Cardio Power and Resistance that my right wrist just will not let me do. So, I modified where I could. I feel stupid, and out of shape through all of these workouts….but I keep pushing play. Some friends of mine (who are in much better shape) started Insanity today so it will be cool to see how we all do over the next few weeks. At this point my goal is to survive.

I also had some cookie guilt and did a fifteen minute treadmill run before my legs asked me what I was thinking. I walked some then decided to quit. That should make tomorrow interesting.

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