Kindrunner – A New Way of Shopping For Running Shoes

by Emmy on May 20, 2013

857306_347337972041950_1881670936_oDid you know that it takes 90 – 100 years for your running shoes to degrade in a landfill? Not terribly kind to the environment to just throw them away is it? I’m all about anything that will reduce waste and I love companies who are dedicated to protecting the environment. That’s why I was very excited to be contacted by and to become one of their ambassadors. will oficially launch June 1st, but in the mean time you can check them out all over the web on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to learn more. is a community of experienced runners who want to help you get into the best shoes possible. But, they take it a step further. They want your old running shoes too! They want you to trade in your shoes when you buy a new pair. They even want all the packaging. You’ll get Kindness Cash Rewards towards new shoes, and they will take your old shoes and recycle them so that they don’t end up in a landfill! They also have tons of advice for running and running gear.

So go check them out! For every 500 Likes they get on Facebook they’re giving away a free pair of running shoes! Also expect to hear more about them right here because I think this is a great thing for runners and our planet!


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