I’m Giving Up

by Emmy on August 27, 2013

You read the title right, I’m giving up. Sort of. I’ve been struggling with the proper formula for getting myself where I want to be physically. Is it my diet, is it my exercise, am I lacking in something? I’ve read tons of books, countless articles, talked to all sorts of people running the spectrum of opinions. My willpower sucks, but I stay mostly on the wagon, and I’m still not getting anywhere.

So I give up on all of that. I realized the other day that this is mental. Last night I was reading the book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. It only took me an hour to read, so pick it up if you have a chance. In it the author asks himself a question similar to “if I loved myself, would I do this to myself?” I don’t think I have the wording exact, but that’s the idea. This made me question pretty much everything I’m doing in my own life right now. Would I eat this food, drink this, be in this relationship, avoid this relationship, skip workouts, etc. My answer to a lot of the individual questions was no.

Truth is, I do have a darn good life. I have more than most, less than some, but my needs are mostly met. I have amazing children who are smart, healthy and happy. I don’t have a lot of reasons to complain. But, that doesn’t mean I love who I am or that I’m at peace with everything about my life.

I need to work on my head more, and I think the rest will follow. It’s like when you have a friend who is trying to get pregnant, and they stop trying and are suddenly pregnant. I hope that by just focusing on just being kind to myself my body will respond. I’m going to try to ask myself about the food I’m eating, the relationships I have, the exercise I do, and see where that leads me.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It


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Stefanie Daneau November 19, 2013 at 4:03 pm

So, it’s been a few months. How has this been going? I check in on a lot of health and fitness bloggers, and it seems to me like “giving up”–that is, getting off the insane obsessive roller coaster so many of us get on–is the trend these days. I think it’s a great place to be heading!!

I came by to let you know that you’ve been nominated by our readers as a favorite healthy lifestyle blogger. You can pick up your badge here: http://us.hypervibe.com/blog/tag/feel-better-community/

Thanks for providing such a great healthy living resource!


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