Spartan Race Recap

by Emmy on September 4, 2013

I think I mentioned that I was planning to go to the Super Spartan being held at Wintergreen Resort here in Virginia to get to know more about the event, and to let my kids run in the Junior Spartan race. Well we went and had a great time!

It was a busy day for my kids. My oldest son ran a four mile race early that morning, then we headed off to the Spartan. We parked in the regular parking a few miles away from the event and took the shuttle to the course, and I was immediately shocked by the number of people there. We were late getting there by most standards because the boys race didn’t start until noon. We rode the bus up the mountain with a lot of other racers. It was interesting to see all of the different types of people who were planning to run and what types of gear they had with them. Wintergreen is a ski resort, so it took us a little bit of time to get there. We arrived and everything was sort of overwhelming, but really charged with a fun vibe. We got checked in and I snapped a before picture of the boys in the shirts we made. My oldest son is on the left, but not nearly as short as the picture makes him look. He is smaller than his younger brother, but not that much shorter!

After we got them checked in, we watched another heat of the kids race, and the barbwire obstacle that was near their course. When it was time for their race, one of the event staff asked for parent volunteers to just stand by the obstacles as extra eyes and to give directions. He also mentioned it would be a good advantage for pictures, so I volunteered and ended up next to the mud pits. That was great! The kids took off and it almost felt like a real race because kids were flying down the hill, rolling down the hills, and diving in the mud! The one-mile course meant four laps. They had to run down the hill, go through three mud pits, over a wall, then under, through, and over three more walls. Up a big hill, over a rope hill, under a mesh obstacle, over another wall, then repeat.
When my oldest came through after the first lap I asked him if he was having fun and he just gave me a dirty look.
When my youngest came through I asked him the same question and he smiled and said “This is great!” Needless to say, they were a muddy mess when they were finished.
So it was off to get hosed down! We ended up tossing their shirts and socks because I forgot their clean clothes in the car.
But, once it was all said and done it was clear that they both had a blast. My oldest son is totally ready to run the real race now!
On our way back to the car I talked to a few people who completed the race. All of them said that they were not prepared for how difficult the course was. When I saw pictures from the Spartan facebook page the next day I saw just how tough it really must have been. More power to anyone who takes on this challenge!

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Jenn September 4, 2013 at 1:50 pm

Impressive! My 5 year old boy would want NOTHING to do with those mud pits! I think these races always look so fun, though, and it’s great that they have a junior version so the kids can get some exposure to it. Congratulations to them!


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